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Recovery Plan
Tackling a To-Do List
Tailgating for the pros

Recipe of the Month

Crispy Apple Coleslaw

A yummy combination of fruit and veggies
in a delicious dressing.

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October Article Links
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Waste less food to save money and help save the planet
An apple a day can add up to a whole lot of good
Become a smarty plates — Learn more about what you eat
Parents: Always probe into how practice went
Soothe shin splints with a foam roller
The scoop on protein powders
Be mindful of the medications you’re giving your kids
Don’t ignore eye injuries, ever. But don’t treat them yourself, either.
Just how sleepy are you?
What’s your attention… squirrel… span?
Love your body
Slipped up in front of the kids? Own it.
As a financial fitness warmup, keep a daily-expenses diary
A little bump in your retirement-account contributions could really add up
Don’t let your food bill eat up your income
Establish rules to rid your relationship of financial fights
Banish bullying once and for all
A plan can make all the difference when it comes to breast cancer
Celebrate World Food Day
Learning the lingo of Down Syndrome

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